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MJ Consulting India is an IT Solution Provider having expertise in Web base technologies largely focus on stunning internet design with a marvelous, meticulous and trendy approach with Outsourcing Partnership.

Outsourcing Partnership
Outsourcing Partnership is simple concept where you just need to outsource your requirement and relax. If you are software development company and you have a strong business footprint in your country and you wanted to expend your business here we are the best place to act as a development center in abroad. You can take the benefits of our large scale of expertise skills and business insight at a low cost. You can suggest customized solutions to your clients which will be provided by us on behalf of your organization.

Service Reseller Partner
Service Reseller Partnership Model will be best for those who work independently as marketing professional and having a large customer base with the requirement in web design, web development and tailored business solutions. Therefore, becoming service reseller partnership with us, you can maintain your own identity and brand by reselling our services at your own term and conditions.

We stay completely unidentified in the integral process while you market our services as your brand. Thus, while we’ll focus on the technical elevation such as coding and programming, you will just have to focus on improving your marketing efforts and consolidating your client base.

Business Partnership
Business partnership model is for an independent business consultant. Since we’ll take care of all the technological aspects of web related fundamentals and you just have to breed inquiries from your client base. Thus, we’ll jointly lookout our well-being, as you deal with sales and marketing while our team of highly qualified IT expertise will provide you the required customized solutions.

By collaborating with this partnership model you can avail more profits into fewer efforts. As you generate the enquiries and transfer to us. We will do analysis and prepare estimation based on the client requirement and hand over to you. In this case, we can share profiles on mutually agreement basis.

Independent professional Partnership
Independent Professional Partnership model is for those independent IT professionals who often approach the clients about the web development, designing and tailored solutions. Thus, you come across many inquiries which are apart from your specialized domain. You can contact us as we’ll provide all the essential technical services required by the client. It’s also a foremost benefit for you as you need not care about the technical part, we’ll take care of it and you can still receive your share of yield by just passing on the assignment to us.

Referral Partnership
Referral Partnership model is similar like the brokerage business. Means you can earn a persuaded profit of the project charge just by referring the new customers to us. By implementing different Marketing methods to find customers and after that take it easy we will take care of other things.

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