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The internet as we know it, at least in the domain space, is about to get a major facelift. In previous years we’ve seen new gTLDs being rolled out and adopted (.biz, .info, .asia, .mobi, .jobs) so this isn’t exactly a novel idea. What is new, however, is the raw amount of gTLDs that are being applied for. At the outset the potential is nearly limitless. Do you consider yourself an expert on all things yoga? You’ll want to try and register Are you the best mechanic within 100 square miles? Your business may benefit from owning the domain best new delhi mechanic. Have an awesome chess club based out of your city? grandmasterclub. New Delhi would let everyone in your city know where to find the chessmasters. Even in the hosting industry you’ll see plenty of new gTLDs take prominence (.wordpress, .forums, .drupal, .host, etc).

Choose from a wide range of domain extensions (for eg., .com, .in, .net, etc) which match your business name, goal, idea.

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