A Dedicated Team is a model of cooperation, when the specially formed offshore development team is completely engaged with customer’s tasks without being distracted by extraneous projects.

MJ Consulting India can provide customers with a specially formed dedicated development team. We gather development staff and Managers with an appropriate level of qualification. This allows us to provide high-quality communication and strictly keeps your dedicated outsourcing team aligned with your process, methodology, and business culture.

At MJ Consulting India you have your own dedicated development team. You select each team member for your project, which is crucial for its success. For you this means that:
Using this model you can be assured that the team is completely focused only on your projects and is not distracted. The number of developers in the dedicated teams can vary (increase or reduce) depending on the needs of your project and business process.

Fine development
Your offshore dedicated team is familiarized with your Company and deeply understands the specific needs of your business processes.
Essentials only
Unlike in-house staff, you won’t have administrative headache with dedicated teams (office rent, equipment, benefits package).
Dedicated developers and managers are constantly available to work on your projects and you have full operational control.
Test drive
Before signing a long-term cooperation agreement, you can order a small test project to ensure the quality of provided services.

We have successfully implemented this concept for some of our biggest Clients across the Globe, thereby enabling them to obtain sustainable cost-quality- time advantage over their competition.

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